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Energy efficient air source heat pumps from Jewel Renewables in Richmond. Jewel can supply MCS approved heat pump systems across Richmond, as well as in the surrounding Surrey and Hampshire Areas. Start your air source heat pumps quote for competitive prices today!

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Key Features

RHI Scheme

Jewel's air source heat pumps qualify for the RHI scheme, meaning you financially benefit from fitting them.


Highly Efficient

Our air to water heat pumps are 300% more efficient as traditional boilers, meaning you more easily heat your home.


Multiple Applications

Jewel's air source heat pumps heat your home and your water supply simultaneously for maximum efficiency.


Easy Monitoring

Our air source heat pumps come with intuitive, advanced control systems for your home in Richmond. You can set and control heating schedules and energy usage with ease when you use these systems.

High Temperature

Air to water heat pumps from Jewel can heat water up to a temperature of 65 degrees celsius. You'll benefit from fast heating too, making it easy to warm up your home when you need to.

Quiet Operation

Jewel's renewable heat pumps are quiet when you operate them - our pumps come with adjustable compressor ramps that can make them quiet as a whisper. That means our heat systems won't distract you.

Suit All Weather

Our air source heat pumps work well in all weather for your Richmond home. Our high-quality systems automatically sense the external temperature and adjust their operation to suit.

High Output

Our air to water heating systems offer a higher output than traditional boiler systems by 300%. Because of this, they provide three times more efficient energy for Richmond homes.

Cut CO₂ Emissions

Jewel Renewables can install air source heat pumps that create clean energy for Richmond homeowners. Because of this, you'll cut down your carbon emissions and footprint, helping the planet.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Air source heat pumps can help you create clean energy for your Richmond home. Systems like these can absorb heat from the air and convert it into electricity for your home to use. Your system will heat a low temperature fluid with a compressor to create energy from this source. Because of this, they waste much less energy and are far more efficient than traditional boilers.

At Jewel Renewables, we can supply and install air source heat pumps in Richmond and throughout Hampshire and Surrey. Our air to water heating systems are renewable, efficient and sustainable, helping you cut down your emissions. You could also qualify for the RHI scheme with our pumps, meaning you could financially benefit from bringing them to your home. Explore our air to water heating systems today!

Air Source Heat Pumps Prices

Jewel’s air source heat pumps will create less CO₂ emissions than energy sources that use fossil fuels Because of this, your carbon footprint will shrink for good.

Air Source Heat Pumps Costs

With our air source heat pumps, you’ll get adjustable compressor ramps to cut out noise. As a result, the system won’t distract you when you’re trying to relax.

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You can install air source heat pumps for your Richmond home without planning permission in some cases. Check with the local authority today to find out if yours will qualify.

Areas we cover

At Jewel Renewables, we’re proud to help customers in Richmond generate more renewable energy for their homes. We can also serve customers in Hampshire, Surrey and in the surrounding areas, such as:

Guildford Woking Aldershot
Ascot Sunningdale Richmond
Twickenham Kingston Godalming
Weybridge Surbiton Walton-on-Thames
Windsor Camberley Chertsey
Horsell Staines Fleet
Farnborough Hurtmore Liphook
Addlestone Ash Vale Bisley
Lightwater Farncombe Wokingham

Jewel Finance

You can spread the cost of our air source heat pumps for your Richmond home, too! Discover our flexible finance options today, starting from as little as £94.12p/m. Get in touch to find out more!

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Air Source Heat Pump Prices, Richmond

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Air Source Heat Pumps Prices

Efficient Air Source Heating

Air source heat pumps are an efficient way to heat your Richmond home. When compared to a traditional boiler, you get a design that’s three times more efficient at generating energy. Because of this, you’ll get more power from less spending, helping you save money over time. Our air to water heat systems are cost-effective for years to come.

Our systems are MCS-approved for peace of mind, and they heat water up to 65 degrees celsius. Not only that, our pumps are flexible, meaning they’re as useful for large homes as they are small ones. Even the busiest homes will be able to generate enough electricity to cope with increased demands. As a result, you can install our air source heat pumps knowing they’ll make a big impact.

Air Source Heat Pumps Costs

Easily Monitor Your Home’s Energy Usage

Our air source heat pumps also give you more control of your home’s energy. Your design will come with an intuitive, advanced control system that allows you to adjust the heating with ease. You can do this for every room in your home, and its easy to monitor your usage. Because of this, you’ll be able to see just hw much you’re spending on energy.

Jewel’s air source heat pumps can even save you energy when you’re away from your Richmond home. It’s because you can restrict the energy you use with our holiday mode option. As a result, you won’t be spending money powering a home that nobody is sitting inside. And, when you do power it, you’ll do so with renewable, sustainable energy.

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Money Saving Air Source Heat Pumps

By installing air source heat pumps, you’ll save more than just money – you’ll also save the planet. Our systems reduce your reliance on your central heating, meaning you can waste less energy. Additionally, you won’t have to use fossil fuel-derived energy sources as often, making your home more environmentally friendly. Our air source heat pumps are more useful than ever as global warming continues to rise.

Because of this, there’s never been a better time to switch to clean energy. And, with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, you could earn money for making the switch. As a result, you could make an even better investment for your home with one of our air to water heat pumps. Find out more about how our air source heat pumps can help you by speaking to our team today!

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