17 June 2024

A Deep Dive into Energy Storage and Smart Grids


A Deep Dive into Energy Storage and Smart Grids

In 2024, more homeowners than ever before are looking for ways to ‘go green’ and reduce their carbon footprint. With a solar panel installation, generating power for your property is easy. Solar panels are unable to create electricity at night but this is where an energy storage system can help. 

At Jewel Renewables, we provide homeowners with state-of-the-art solar panel installations and also offer cutting-edge energy storage systems. If you are new to the world of solar power and sustainable energy, our experts are here to share everything you need to know about energy storage and smart grids.

basics of energy storage

Energy Storage Batteries - The Basics 

Homes with solar panels can generate their own electricity, all thanks to the power of sunlight! With solar panels installed, homeowners can power their home with sustainable energy, enjoy cheaper bills and rely less on electricity supplied by the National Grid. Solar panels are a wonderful eco-conscious upgrade for all homes but they have one major drawback. 

Solar panels work by converting the sun’s energy into an electrical current. While top quality solar panels are capable of generating solar power in all weather conditions, it is impossible to create this type of energy at night. Solar energy can not be made after sunset but it is possible to store excess energy that has been generated during daylight hours. 

With an energy storage system, surplus solar energy can be kept for later use. Homes with solar panels can run on solar energy during the day but will need to switch back to power from the National Grid throughout the evening and night. With an electrical storage system, it is possible to solely use sustainable solar energy 24 hours a day!

how does energy storage work?

How Do Energy Storage Systems Work?

Energy storage systems allow homeowners to receive maximum benefit from their solar panels. With a solar storage battery, excess energy generated during the day can be used at a different time - at night or when there is a power outage, for example. 

To understand how energy storage systems work, it is first important to learn how solar panels generate electricity. Solar panels feature PV cells on their surface and when sunlight hits these cells, it is turned into a direct current of electrical energy. Once the direct current (DC) has been generated, it then flows into an inverter and is converted to an alternating current (AC). The AC is what is used to power your household appliances and stops you from using electricity supplied by the National Grid. 

When solar panels generate more energy than your home needs, the DC electricity can either be sent to the National Grid or used to charge your energy storage battery. When the sun sets and your solar panels are no longer powering your appliances, energy from the solar storage battery can be used instead. With solar panels and an energy storage system, it is possible to run your home non-stop on sustainable solar power!

benefits of energy storage

Benefits of Energy Storage 

If you are looking for ways to make your home as environmentally friendly as possible, combining solar panels with an energy storage system is a smart investment. Working in conjunction, solar panels and batteries make powering your home on green energy easy. 

When energy created by your solar panels exceeds your home’s demand, you have two options: 

  • Sell the electricity to the National Grid 
  • Store the power for later use 

The first option is an easy way to enjoy a passive income stream and the second is the best way to keep your home as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Here at the top benefits of using energy storage systems: 

  • Always have an energy backup that can be used during a power outage 
  • Makes it possible to power your home with solar energy at night 
  • Stored energy can be used at ‘high usage hours’ when Grid supplied electricity is more expensive 
  • Further reduces your home’s carbon footprint 
  • Cheaper utility bills 

There are various solar storage systems available on the market today. The energy storage systems frequently used by UK homeowners and businesses are lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. At Jewel Renewables, we provide Surrey, Berkshire, South West London and Hampshire homeowners with high efficiency storage systems featuring a modular and space-saving design.  

what are smart grids

What Are Smart Grids?

The way we use electricity has drastically changed since the conception of the National Grid in the 1930s. Demand for energy is higher than ever before, gone are the days of homes only needing enough electricity to power a few light bulbs and a radio! To keep up with the modern world’s need for high levels of power around the clock, Smart Grid projects are being developed across the UK. 

Where the National Grid works on a one-way communication system, Smart Grids work by creating a two-way dialogue between energy suppliers and consumers. Data is sent from homes back to the Grid, making it possible for suppliers to better cater to their customers. Unlike traditional electrical grids, the Smart Grid is far more environmentally friendly. By integrating renewable energy sources into their power production systems, Smart Grids have a reduced environmental impact and their use can reduce harmful emissions. 

Smart Grids can be thought of as the ‘energy internet’ or the electricity network for the digital age. 

The key benefits of Smart Grids include: 

  • Lower electricity rates  
  • More efficient electricity transmission 
  • Two way flow of communication between consumers and electricity suppliers 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Quicker restoration following power outages 
  • Better integration of renewable energy systems on a larger scale 

store solar energy

Store Your Energy With Jewel Renewables 

At Jewel Renewables, we help homeowners go green and live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. We offer several environmentally friendly home improvement products, including solar panels and energy storage systems

To learn more about generating and storing your own energy for your home, don’t hesitate to contact the Jewel Renewables team. Our knowledgeable experts are here to answer all of your questions, simply call 01252 939 597 or fill out our online contact form

You can request a free quote today and begin your journey towards a green home and a reduced carbon footprint.

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