3 May 2024

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy?


What Are the Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy?

Using the sun’s solar energy for power is not a new phenomenon. Harnessing natural sunlight has been around since ancient times when people would use mirrors directed at the sun to create fire. Other early examples of using solar energy include the Romans heating water tanks in ancient bathhouses and lighting torches for religious practices.

Today, solar energy powers everything from garden lights to a house full of various electrical appliances. A solar panel installation can greatly benefit homeowners and their bank balance, but how does solar energy benefit the environment? The experts at Jewel Renewables have put together this article to reveal just how environmentally friendly solar panels really are.

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What Are The Advantages of Solar Energy For The Environment?

‌Solar panels are designed to create clean energy and are an eco-conscious way to power a home. With solar panels installed, homeowners can develop a renewable energy source and benefit from cheaper electricity bills.

‌It is common knowledge that solar energy is sustainable - after all, the sun isn’t going anywhere! However, not everyone knows the many different ways solar energy can positively impact the environment.

‌1. Made From Recyclable Materials

‌Solar panels are made from recyclable materials, meaning they will not harm the planet by ending up in landfills in the future. Using recyclable materials will ensure solar panels have a completely green life cycle, caring for the planet even when they are no longer in use.

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2. Creates Sustainable Energy

‌Many modern homeowners and organisations are hoping to become carbon neutral in the future, and solar energy is a great, green solution. Fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources cause concerning levels of damage to the planet and are a large contributing factor towards climate change. In comparison, solar energy will never run out and is not created in a way which causes harm or jeopardises the health of the planet.

‌3. No Carbon Emissions

‌Solar energy can be created without burning fossil fuels or using other harmful methods. Modern solar panels are made with PV cells and convert the sun’s natural energy into electricity for the home. No greenhouse gases are created during this process, and solar panels will not contribute in any way towards air pollution.

4. Zero Water Needed

Unlike the majority of methods used to generate electricity, solar panels do not require water to function appropriately. In the UK, the electricity generation sector is the largest licensed abstractor of water, as fluids are needed at various stages of the energy production process. Solar panels do not require any water at all to generate electricity - not one drop. This is great news for wildlife and the environment.

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5. Reduced Reliance On National Grid

Burning fossil fuels is extremely damaging to the environment and is one of the leading causes of the climate change crisis. The sun is a source of infinite power, and by using solar energy as often as possible, there will be less of a demand for electricity supplied by the National Grid. No carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases are produced in the generation of solar energy, and this is why it is a much more eco-friendly solution for powering as many aspects of modern life as possible.

What's better, with our solar batteries, you can also store solar energy & sell any excess power to National Grid. Why not find out more by reading our article to find out how solar panels and solar batteries work efficiently together?

6. Solar Panels Can Be Installed With No New Infrastructure

‌Solar panels are installed on the roof of a property and can begin generating energy right away. Creating non-renewable energy sources often requires purpose-built infrastructure to be constructed, which is unlikely to have been built using 100% environmentally friendly methods. A solar panel installation is extremely low maintenance, and with advances in technology, high yields of energy can be generated even when there is a lot of cloud coverage. Creating solar energy is a complex process when you look at all of the science, but the recyclable panels can be easily installed by professionals, and the process will have minimal impact on the environment.

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Create a Greener Home With Jewel Renewables Solar Panels!

A solar panel installation will benefit your home and the environment in several ways. At Jewel Renewables, we install high yield PV solar panels in Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Our solar panels achieve over 97% efficiency and can create solar power in all weather conditions.

Investing in solar panels can improve your home’s carbon footprint and reduce your reliance on expensive energy companies. Contact our team to discuss your solar panel installation today by calling 01276 748300 or filling in our online contact form. Alternatively, you can also find the cost of our solar panels or other products by requesting an online quote!

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