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Benefits of Solar Panels

Handles All Weather

No matter what the weather is, our solar panels will produce optimal yields. Come rain or shine, you can expect maximum performance for your Alton home.


High Efficiency

Jewel solar panels can help homeowners to save money during the cost of living crisis. Our panels provide high efficiency, allowing your home to benefit from natural heat.


Enduring Performance

Featuring anti-LID and and anti-PID technology, our solar panels minimise light induced degradation. Jewel customers can benefit from high performing, safe and secure solar panels.


Modern Technology

Our panels provide state of the art performance as they utilise the most modern solar technology. They're expertly designed to maximise energy output with minimal solar cells.


Our solar panel frames are weatherproof, protecting your home against tough conditions. This means you won’t experience any issues and will get optimal performance.

Lower Costs

With the cost of living crisis, you will save money on energy costs when opting for renewable sources. This is because you will generate your energy naturally.

Earn Money

Earn money from the energy you don't use, as the National Grid will compensate you. Save even more money on your energy bills.

Clean Energy

By generating natural and clean energy, solar panels will reduce carbon emissions and help save the environment.

Durable Construction

Our panels are resilient and robust because we use strong aluminium that can face the elements without a scratch. They are made from high quality durable materials that last a long time.

Why Generate Solar Energy?

At Jewel, we install solar panels which turn the sun’s rays into renewable energy. The energy panels have photovoltaic cells that create an electric field by reacting to sunlight. As a result, this renewable energy saves on your bills, ensuring a cheaper way of living. It won’t cost the Earth, and you can reduce your carbon footprint.


If you don’t use any energy, it can be stored or saved for future use. Alternatively, you can sell it to the National Grid for cash, putting you in complete control.

Solar Panels Installers


The solar panels we install at Jewel achieve 97.3% efficiency with their industry leading, efficient design.


Our solar panels have been specially designed to work in low light conditions. So even when the sun isn’t bright in the sky, these solar collecting panels will continue to work efficiently.

We’ve made sure our solar panels can work even when there’s not much light. Our designs are engineered to work at the highest possible standard.

clean solar panels

At Jewel, we only install long lasting and robust PV panels. We know our Lightwater customers are busy, which is why you only need to maintain our panels once every six months.

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Invest in renewable energy and enjoy a carefree use! With our solar panels, you do not need to worry about having toxic energy sources in your home. Contact our expert team to find out more!

Solar Panel Prices, Alton

Get a bespoke price on your Alton installation when you choose Jewel today.

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Save Money with Our Solar Panels

The current cost of living crisis has resulted in more homeowners thinking about solar panel installations. With rising energy bills, finding effective methods of generating energy for your property has never been so important. By installing solar panels on your Alton home, you can enjoy cheaper bills and a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

As well as creating energy for their own homes, our solar panel customers can also sell excess energy to the National Grid. Not only will solar panels cut your energy costs, this investment can also result in additional financial reward. To start saving money as soon as possible, get in touch with our team today.



save environment

Protect the Environment


By choosing Jewel Renewables, you are choosing to work with a company dedicated to creating clean and sustainable sources of energy. Renewable solar panels will help you to create a greener home with a bright future ahead. With our solar panels you can be confident that your home is creating natural energy, without any harmful substances to worry about.

Jewel solar panels are made from steel and aluminium and are built to last. When you invest in a solar panel installation, you can rest assured that you will receive high performance for many years to come. When the time comes to remove your solar panels, the recyclable materials can be reused and repurposed into something new.



High Quality, Long Lasting Solar Panels



Our leading range of solar panels offer high yield PV cells, allowing our customers to create energy from small surface areas. Another benefit of our solar panels is that they provide 97.3% energy efficiency. There is no need to worry about waste, our panels ensure almost everything is used, creating a sustainable energy source for your Alton home.

The British weather is not the best but our solar panels have been designed with tough conditions in mind. Jewel panels are fitted on robust mounts and made from durable materials. There is no need to worry about bad weather damaging the performance of your solar panels, our durable designs will create energy no matter how sunny it is outside.

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