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Key Aspects

All Weather Technology

Our solar panels use all weather technology to deliver optimal yields even in low light and poor conditions for your home.


High Yield

Each of our solar cells can also achieve high yields in relation to their surface areas, ensuring our solar panels achieve excellent efficiency.


Enduring Performance

Our panels have anti-LID and anti-PID technology as part of their design, meaning you can be sure they are secure and advanced for Richmond homes.


State of the Art

Our solar panels feature state-of-the-art technology for your Richmond home. Because of this,, you get more energy with fewer solar cells.


Your panels will have an advanced aluminium alloy frame, meaning they can perform at their best in the worst weather conditions without issues.

Save Costs

Solar panels can help you pay less for your energy. With energy bills rising, you could produce your own energy and save on them!

Earn While Generating

You can earn money from the energy you don't use, too - the National Grid will pay you for unused energy, and they'll do so for a profit!

Clean Energy

With our solar panels, you'll produce clean, reliable, and completely renewable energy for your Richmond home. You'll reduce the carbon emissions and footprint of your Richmond home.

Durable Construction

Naturally hard-wearing aluminium and stainless steel are in the mountings of our robust, resilient solar panels in Richmond for added strength.

Why Install Solar Panels?

Jewel Renewables is proud to install renewable solar panels in Richmond, and across Surrey and Hampshire. Solar panels turn the energy from the sun into energy for your home. With these panels, you can generate your own energy to power your home cleanly and sustainably. By using photovoltaic (PV) cells in the panels, you can create an electric current from when sunlight comes into contact with them.

Our remarkable solar panels can revolutionise the way you use energy in your Richmond home. Solar cells pass the current through an inverter, allowing this energy to be used in your home. You don’t have to use all of the energy either, as you could either store it or sell it to the National Grid for a profit. Becsuse of this, you’ll be in total control of your home’s energy, and in control of its costs.

Solar Panels in Richmond

solar power richmond

Jewel’s superb solar panels allow you to use almost as much energy as you create. It’s because our inverters can achieve 97.3% efficiency, which is a leading level.

Solar Power Surrey

With our solar panels, you can keep producing energy even when the sun comes down. We engineer our panels to make them perfectly optimal for low light conditions.

Solar Power earn money

Our durable PV panels don’t need regular cleaning or maintenance, either. You’ll only need to wipe the panels down every six months to keep them looking their best.

Areas Jewel Renewables cover

Jewel Renewables is a trusted supplier of solar panels in Richmond and the South of England. We also supply our panels to surrounding areas in Surrey and Hampshire such as:

Guildford Woking Aldershot
Ascot Sunningdale Richmond
Twickenham Kingston Godalming
Weybridge Surbiton Walton-on-Thames
Windsor Camberley Chertsey
Horsell Staines Fleet
Farnborough Hurtmore Liphook
Addlestone Ash Vale Bisley
Lightwater Farncombe Wokingham


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Save Money with Our Solar Panels

Solar panels are an even better investment today than ever before. With energy bills rising, you can save more money than ever by generating your own electricity for your home. Solar panels generate energy without you having to do anything, and its a sustainable method of doing so. As a result, you could make your home self-reliant with clean energy.

Installing solar panels can help you cut down your daily household costs. You’ll be able to spend less on energy bills, and even reduce your emissions. And, if you don’t use any of your energy, you can sell it onto the National Grid for compensation. Because of this, you can earn back some of the cost of the investment you make in our panels!

Solar Panels Costs

Protect the Environment

Jewel Renewables is a company that cares about the environment. Because of this, we’ve made sure our solar panels are an entirely sustainable way of powering your home. While the majority of homes rely on coal, gas and other fossil fuels for their power, we can help your home become more environmentally friendly. Our solar panels generate energy without creating emissions or substances.

Because of this, the solar panels we install in Richmond are carbon-neutral. And, once you replace them, your panels will also be recyclable. We use durable materials across our designs, including steel and aluminium, to make sure they also stand the test of time. As a result, our solar panels will decrease your carbon footprint for decades to come!

Solar Power Surrey

High Quality, Long Lasting Solar Panels

With Jewel, you can choose some of the best solar panels on the market for your home for less. We’ve refined our range of market-leading PV panels to make them the perfect choice. Our designs offer high yields even in low light, and they generate more energy even while having a smaller surface area. Not only that, our inverters achieve 97.3% efficiency to waste almost no energy at all.

By choosing our solar panels, you’ll also benefit from robust aluminium mountings that preserve their strength. And, with a more durable frame, the solar panels will generate clean energy for longer. Because of this, they could help you save thousands of pounds over their lifespan! If you’d like to learn more about fitting solar panels in Richmond, Surrey or Hampshire, contact our team today!

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