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Reduce your energy bills by 30-50% with Jewel Renewables' solar panels!

Now is the very best time to invest in solar panels before the energy price cap ends in April! With Jewel Renewables, you can save money and the environment while making little to no changes in your daily energy uses.

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Our Range of Environmentally Friendly Products

Helping Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Jewel Renewables aims to make your home more self sufficient while also helping you save money on heating and utility costs all year round. We accomplish this through our renewable energy saving technology.

This covers a range of areas, from your house’s heating to electricity generation. Solar panels generate electricity for your home in a carbon neutral manner.

These are just some of the products we offer to make your home sustainable and self reliant.

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EPVS Eneergy Savings Calculations

Jewel Renewables - Trusted EPVS Member

Why is it important to use an EPVS member?

EPVS is the industry standard in energy-saving calculation certification. What this means for you is that you won’t ever be mislead regarding any performance estimates, running costs and where applicable, any financial incentives to make sure it all meets our certification standards.

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Save on Electricity

One of the biggest advantages of renewable technology is the amount of money it could save you on electricity costs. Renewable solutions such as solar panels reduce your reliance on electrical companies. The power you generate can also be sold to the National Grid, earning you money as it does so.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are one of the biggest contributors to global warming, and an unfortunate side effect of houses lacking in energy efficiency. By switching to renewable technology, you can reduce the amount of carbon emissions from your home, helping protect the environment.

Increased Self Reliance

By switching to renewable energy saving technology, you could help make your home more self reliant. With solar panels, you could provide most of or all of your home’s power and heating requirements, reducing or eliminating the need for external utility companies.

Charge Your Car

Switching to an electrically powered vehicle is a great way of reducing costs and lowering your carbon emissions substantially. We have solar powered carports for even greater efficiency, simply drive your car under the port and plug it into the solar panels above to charge your car with free energy.

Low Maintenance

Renewable energy saving resources can have some of the lowest maintenance levels of all power or heat generating devices. Solar panels only need occasional cleaning to carry on providing your home with excellent amounts of energy, while our heat pumps also provide incredibly reliable performance.

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Starting your renewables journey is a big decision, but the benefits associated with making the change are plentiful.

Speak to a member of our team today to learn more about Jewel Renewable and the benefits of green energy!

Expert Advice on Sustainability

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Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way of providing your home with free electricity. They very simply convert the sunlight that beams down upon them into electricity, creating totally free and renewable energy. This electricity then goes either directly into your home, the National Grid (who will pay you for the electricity) or into an energy storage battery if you have one.

Solar panels could save you money that would otherwise be spent on electricity costs, generating your own electricity instead of having to rely on other companies. They also only need very minimal maintenance; being cleaned a couple of times a year is all it takes to have them working at maximum efficiency.

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Energy Storage

When you have solar panels installed into your home, they generate free electricity for you to use. Usually, this energy is either used by your home or placed into the National Grid, with the electricity you provide being financially compensated. However, if you have an energy storage battery, you have a third option that lets you keep the electricity you generate for use at a later date.

Instead of being used immediately or placed into the National Grid, solar energy storage units allow you to harness the power you generate and store it safely. Your home can then use this power as and when it needs to, using your renewably generated free electricity instead of having to use the power provided by electrical companies.

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Electric Car Chargers and Carports

Electric cars are a great way of limiting your environmental impact while also saving you on fuel costs. Jewel Renewables offer electric car chargers for your home, a simple and easy to use unit that powers your car efficiently and quietly. If used in conjunction with our solar panels, the electricity you charge your car with will be self generated, creating a truly sustainable energy solution.

Another great way of charging your electric car is by using our solar carports. These carports have solar panels built into the top of the frame. They convert sunlight into electricity in the exact same manner as your roof’s solar panels. Your car connects to these panels under the carport’s protection, charging itself using the power provided completely free of costs, helping save you money.

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Jewel Renewables tree planting mission

Tree Planting Mission

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Happy Jewel Customers

Thanks again to the Jewel Renewables & SRS team for our 5KW Solar and 9.6KWh Battery system. The service from start to finish was excellent, and we were pleased to see they offered a full monitoring and aftercare service. We are now powered by Solar most of the time, and working from home have been able to protect our critical circuits in case of a power cut. All in all, a great experience.

Zane Wilson – Camberley

We had the most amazing service from Jewel. From quotation to pre installation to installation and even post installation. they were happy to assist us every step of the way with their friendly staff nothing was too much trouble. Also the most reasonable quote around! Would highly recommend Jewel for your job!

Gabriella Bombardieri

From start to finish the Jewel team have been excellent. From the initial survey, the quote, keeping me informed of the progress and the installation – the team have all been worthy of the five-star rating. I would highly recommend them. Highly impressed – thank you.

Ollie Moore

Fantastic service. Installation team were efficient and polite and left my home tidy! Would highly recommend to friends and family and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

Sharon Hunter

Great quality product, excellent service, polite staff, on time delivery and very good value for money.

Special thanks to James, Natalie, Emily, Kerry, Sophie, Sonny and Matt for the efficient and proactive service.

Olisa Phil

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